People first

At QHR, people come first. Our mission begins and ends with the well-being of Canadians, and to bring that mission to life we depend on a community of individuals who share the same desire to make a difference. Because we know success grows from the inside out, we strive to build that desire and well-being into our office culture and corporate philosophy. Our company is powered by diverse, passionate and creative people, working together to achieve something great, every day.


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QA Analyst

  • employee“We really care about our people. We want to see them grow and develop, and I know other companies might say they do that but sometimes you don’t always feel heard in a sea of people. Even though we’re a growing company, everybody matters, everybody’s given the same opportunities, and really, you’re your own limit at QHR.”

    HR Coordinator
  • employee“My mom had a major accident a couple of years ago, and her surgeon as well as her doctor both use Accuro. For them to be able to share information back and forth really helped speed up her recovery time, so from a personal standpoint that was really exciting, getting to know that our company helped us, and that made me feel really proud to work at QHR.”

    Operations Analyst
  • employee“I’ve definitely recommended quite a few people to work at QHR. I recommend it because I definitely believe in that vision of connecting Canadians and healthcare, and the culture is just so amazing. It is fun but the work gets done, and the work is for this vision. It’s innovative, and if you think of something, you’ll always have an open door with someone listening to your ideas.”

    Salesforce Administrator
  • employee“We’re pretty loving! We love what we do, we’re very passionate about what we do, and as a QHR employee I think that’s really important. When you wear different hats in terms of the products as well as who you’re working with, the collaboration means there’s a lot of team building involved and it inspires a loving environment, a positive environment, and an optimistic one for our product.”

    Product Owner
  • employee“To me, the most unique thing about QHR is the fact that the president is very personable. He makes an effort to meet everybody that starts at QHR, and he’s just very approachable. You don’t feel like he’s ‘The Boss’. You don’t find that in many big companies nowadays.”

    Revenue Management Lead


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