EMR Technology Insights


Mike Checkley - December 17, 2019

Our Success is Your Success

In a business like ours, forward momentum never stops. But while we work to improve existing products and bring new innovations to market...


Mike Checkley
October 23, 2019

Why we decided to shake up Canadian Healthcare

The Accuro you know today began with the seed of an idea that grew into something big. Dive into this piece from...


Stefanie Giddens
July 27, 2018

Connecting the Disconnect

You can book a trip online, pay your credit card online, or order a pizza, but typically, booking time with your doctor needs to be done by phone call or in person...


Stefanie Giddens
June 8, 2018

A Message About Messaging

Many people in Canada avoid going to their doctor if they can help it. Not because they don’t like their doctor, and not because they don’t trust the advice, but...