Partnership with QHR Technologies Inc. Connects Welch Allyn Cardiopulmonary Devices to Physician Practices in Canada

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Device integration allows electronic transfer of patient data to an Accuro®EMR, eliminating the need for manual data entry

Mississauga, ON, March 24, 2014—Through a partnership with QHR Technologies, Inc. (TSX-V: QHR), Welch Allyn, a leading medical diagnostic device company that delivers pragmatic innovation at the point of care, now offers a full line of connected cardiopulmonary devices across Canada’s ambulatory care market.  The company’s cardiopulmonary devices now interface with one of Canada’s leading national electronic medical record (EMR) software solutions, Accuro®EMR—a comprehensive, physician clinic management program.  The integration of Welch Allyn cardiopulmonary devices allow electronic transfer of patient test results to the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect® Workstation software for review, storage and/or transfer to AccuroEMR—eliminating the need for manual data entry by providers, to help increase efficiency and alleviate the risk of transcription and latency errors.

“QHR Technologies is the first EMR partner to connect Welch Allyn cardiopulmonary devices to physician practices across Canada,” said John Tierney, SVP, Americas, Welch Allyn.  “QHR now offers our full suite of connected cardiopulmonary and vital signs devices that interface with the AccuroEMR platform.  We offer a range of connected diagnostic testing options to help reduce some of the workflow pressures and safety issues these physicians are facing so they can be more productive and focus on their most important task—enhancing patient care.”

AccuroEMR offers physician practices in Canada robust capabilities for electronic health, practice management and claims management.  The partnership provides QHR access to the latest Welch Allyn vitals software developers kit (SDK) and enables broad marketing and sales collaboration between the two companies. Throughout the integration process, Welch Allyn provided QHR with remote technical guidance and support along with device testing and installation support.

“Our alliance with Welch Allyn presents a unique opportunity for our two companies to create a streamlined diagnostic testing environment for our Accuro clients,” said Al Hildebrandt, president and CEO, QHR Corporation.  “Our companies complement each other in ways that will directly enhance workflow for Canadian physicians.  By sharing information and seamlessly integrating our technologies, we can achieve our shared vision to provide physicians with complete access to the right information at the right time.  We are proud to partner with Welch Allyn, and look forward to the opportunities and benefits this creates for healthcare professionals and their patients across Canada.”

The Welch Allyn family of connected cardiopulmonary devices include:
• CP 150™ Electrocardiograph (ECG)
• PC-Based Resting ECG
• PC-Based Exercise ECG
• PC-Based SpiroPerfect® Spirometer
• PC-Based Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)

About Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn helps reduce risk and improve patient safety, satisfaction and outcomes in a variety of clinical settings through a complete range of EMR-interfaced vital signs and cardiac monitoring diagnostic solutions, physical diagnosis instruments, and infection control products.  The company specializes in helping doctors, nurses and other frontline providers across the globe streamline workflow by developing innovative solutions that enable immediate access to accurate patient data.  A leading global healthcare company founded in 1915 and headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, N.Y. (USA), Welch Allyn is a family-owned business that employs over 2,600 employees in 26 different countries. More information about Welch Allyn and its complete line of connected products and solutions may be found at  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

About QHR Technologies Inc.

QHR operates two business units:
The Electronic Medical Records (“EMR”) division offers a suite of medical software modules that provides computer-based medical records for Specialist, Primary Care, and Allied Health Professionals,
as well as administrative modules for billing and patient scheduling, that is a key component of the move throughout Canada to provide electronic healthcare records for all Canadians. QHR also specializes in EMR ASP Hosting solutions both on-site and off-site, which consist of custom application hosted solutions, exchange email hosting, office software packages, mobile messaging services, server archiving and many other custom solutions and services as required by some provincial governments.

The Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”) division provides best in class clearinghouse services, with over 1,500 payers, which assist US healthcare providers to exchange claim information that ensures accurate revenue management.  QHR provides a progressive medical billing service that outsources coding, payer reconciliation and revenue reporting.  QHR also supports employer health plan enrollment, employee health plan eligibility and health care interoperability through a 5010 standard based EDI gateway.  The RCM markets that QHR services are primarily in the US.

For a more complete business and financial profile of the Company, management encourages interested parties to visit the Company’s website:  For specific information on Accuro or EMR visit

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