KELOWNA, BC, June 5, 2012 – (TSX-V: QHR) QHR Technologies Inc. (“QHR” or the “Company”) a leader in the Canadian Healthcare Information Technology sector is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jerry Diener as Chief Financial Officer of QHR as announced at the company’s AGM in Toronto.

Mr. Diener was formerly the CFO and VP Finance for QHR from November 2004 to July 2006 and knows the QHR business and finance operations and internal systems well. He will be responsible for all financial matters of the Company and its subsidiary operations as well as Investor Relations.

Mr. Diener has had over 25 years of diverse executive management experience during his career in all disciplines of corporate accounting and finance. He has had significant experience both nationally and internationally in all aspects of administration, regulatory compliance, financing, public company reporting and corporate growth through mergers and acquisitions. He was educated at Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon from which he received a Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting.

During the past 25 years, Mr. Diener has been a key member of several executive management teams during his career that have built smaller companies into large national and international enterprises. In his position just prior to joining QHR in 2004, he was the Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer, of a company that grew from $5 million in annual revenue to in excess of $150 million in annual sales during the first 18 months of his tenure through a significant international acquisition creating a large multi-national environment where he was responsible for bringing a number of international accounting systems together in a consolidated and efficient manner to achieve timely reporting for both Canadian and US public company securities requirements.

After leaving QHR in 2006 Mr. Diener worked as General Manager and CFO for a USA based private investment company that made a $900 million investment in the power generation industry with power plants in Canada and the USA.

Mr. Diener is highly skilled with the management of company affairs in both the national and international marketplace. His business experiences uniquely qualify him to be a key member of the Company’s executive management team where it is anticipated that he will make significant contributions to the successful growth of the Company’s business plans on a national and international basis.

Mr. Hildebrandt, CEO & President, comments “We believe that the growth of QHR’s operations across Canada and our goals to continue our growth going forward dictate the need to further consolidate and focus our finance team operations in the Kelowna head offices. Mr. Diener will bring his many years of experience to QHR to provide greater focus on the accounting and finance portion of the business to assist the operational management team in meeting their goals.

Related to this change, Mr. John Gillberry who is based in Ontario and was both the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Finance, will vacate the CFO position but continue as a strategic advisor for the Company and continue to work on business development initiatives for the company.

Personally, I want to thank Mr. Gillberry for his efforts as CFO for QHR as a lot has been accomplished during this past year including the Healthscreen acquisition. I am pleased that the company can benefit from John’s skills and market knowledge for growing the QHR business closer to his home base in Ontario.”

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About QHR Technologies Inc.

QHR operates two business units in distinct markets:

The Electronic Medical Records (“EMR”) division offers a suite of medical software modules that provides computer-based medical records for family physicians, medical specialists, and surgeons, as well as administrative modules for billing and patient scheduling, that is a key component of the move throughout Canada to provide electronic healthcare records for all Canadians. The EMR division also provides on-site and off-site (ASP) hosting capabilities.

The Enterprise Management Software (“EMS”) division specializes in workforce management software, which consists of integrated payroll, staff scheduling and human resource software, and in customized financial management software built on the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform. These products are targeted at complex healthcare, social services and public safety environments.

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