TORONTO, ON, September 25, 2014 – (TSX-V: QHR) QHR Corporation, on behalf of its subsidiary company QHR Technologies Inc. (“QHR”), a leader in Canadian Healthcare Information Technology and Solutions, is pleased to announce its Accuro®EMR Application Service Provider (ASP) EMR is now approved as funding eligible by OntarioMD.

As part of a larger agreement between QHR and Bell, QHR worked closely with Bell’s EMR team to obtain funding eligibility of the Accuro EMR ASP for Ontario EMR Specification 4.1. Accuro EMR is the replacement to Bell EMR for existing Bell subscribers.

“We are very excited to have received final approval from OntarioMD for our Accuro EMR ASP offering in Ontario,” said Al Hildebrandt, President and CEO of QHR Corporation. “We can now bring proven ASP and hosting expertise that we have demonstrated in other provinces to Ontario physicians. We have invested strategically in our Ontario Data Centre and look forward to hosting physicians across the province on Canada’s largest single platform EMR.”

Accuro EMR is now offered as a hosted funding eligible ASP EMR solution under the OntarioMD EMR Adoption Program delivering more innovation and new choices to Ontario physicians.

“I would like to personally thank all those that have worked so diligently to get Accuro EMR ASP approved by OntarioMD,” said Michael Checkley, General Manager EMR Division at QHR. “I am confident that Accuro EMR will become a leading ASP solution for Ontario physicians in the coming months.”

For more information on funding eligible ASP providers in Ontario, please visit OntarioMD.ca.

QHR now an official Bell reseller

QHR is also pleased to announce that it has been selected as an authorized Bell reseller. QHR is now able to offer the physicians and medical clinics it serves across the country a variety of Bell voice, data and infrastructure products and services – including Mobility, Fibe TV and Internet solutions.

For more about QHR, please visit: QHRtechnologies.com


About QHR Corporation

QHR is a leader in quality and technology, providing software and services in the following markets:
In the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) market, QHR offers a suite of medical software modules that provide computer-based medical records for family physicians, medical specialists, and surgeons, as well as administrative modules for billing and patient scheduling, that is a key component in the move throughout Canada to provide electronic healthcare records for all Canadians.  QHR also provides on-site and off-site (ASP) hosting capabilities for the EMR market.

In the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) market, QHR provides best in class clearinghouse services through its SoftCare brand, helping healthcare providers exchange claim information accurately for health claim reimbursement. SoftCare provides a progressive medical billing service and a suite of healthcare interoperability solutions (EDI and Clearinghouse). These solutions and professional services help clients navigate and simplify the complex transaction integration processes required for health plan enrollment, health insurance eligibility, and health insurance claims through to payment remittance with their trading partners. SoftCare services are marketed primarily in the US.

About OntarioMD

OntarioMD was established by the Ontario Medical Association and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2004 to work closely with physicians to help them transition from paper records to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and to provide them with easy access to information and resources to improve the quality of patient care and practice efficiency.

Since 2004, OntarioMD has been managing the OntarioMD EMR Adoption Program, which is funded by eHealth Ontario. The program assists physicians to acquire, implement and adopt health IT.

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