We believe technology will change the way we interact with healthcare

A few words from the President

Our Mission

Our mission is to unite Canadian healthcare, connecting Providers to information, their patients and each other.

Connecting Canadian Healthcare

We started with the idea that healthcare could be better, and that technology was the key. Our mission, to unite Canadian healthcare, is powered by technology solutions that work to do more. It's about better communication pathways that bring patients and healthcare professionals closer together. It's about technology that creates more efficient interactions and changes the fundamental nature of how we provide and receive healthcare. But most importantly, it's about people and technology working together to make healthcare, and the quality of life that comes with it, better for Canadians.

Technology for People, not Processes

User environments are constantly changing, and for technology to be effective it has to change with them. Our solutions start with what people need—now and over time. They grow out of individual user experience and hands-on functionality. And the result is a smoother, faster, more intuitive workflow for healthcare Providers and Pharmacists. It connects them to each other and to their patients like never before, and that means better access to healthcare that benefits everyone.


Everyone Can Play

“Accessible” isn’t just a word, it’s an idea that opens doors. To really change the way we interact with healthcare, we believe the healthcare environment needs to be an open one that’s powered by more than a single solution. Our vision of a more accessible healthcare environment invites other technology providers and solutions to connect with our platforms, and lets healthcare Providers and Pharmacists choose the tools that power their operations. Real accessibility, real connection, real change.